Fearless Man Has Five Tigers And Two Lions For Beast Buddies

BarcroftAnimalsPublished: January 12, 2018161 views
Published: January 12, 2018

A curious video has emerged of an eccentric Frenchman who lives with unusual roommates. Meet the man who lives with seven lions and tigers right outside his front door and he looks after them on his own.

Meet, 68-year-old Remy Demantes who owns a private rescue sanctuary for big cats for the last 27 years and takes care of injured animals and treats them like pets. Remy first fell in love with these exotic creatures when he saw the close bond his friend had with a domesticated panther.

Therefore, inspired by their relationship, Remy decided to turn his home into a rescue centre of wild animals.

Today, located in Ouzouer-sur-Loire, France, Remy cannot imagine life without his beloved pets, and spends hours each day hand-feeding them, taking them for walks and generally kissing and cuddling their furry coats.

Remy explains that in order to be close to these animals, you have to take them in since birth and raise as your own. He created this animal park 27 years ago when he invited an animal trainer in 1986. Fascinated by the fact that he could actually stroke a panther, he decided that he wanted to feel that way every day! His strong desire to own, understand and save them from extinction resulted in him creating this animal rescue shelter.

His animals eat around five to seven kilograms of meat a day, and he is alone looking after his animals, without any help. However, he admits that he had numerous volunteers in the past who wanted to help him take care of the animals and maintain the upkeep of the park, but Remy never accepted their offers due to the extreme danger that surrounds his job.

Of course, you can never really know for sure whether you will leave the cage or the park alive. But, that makes this job interesting and exciting. It is awash with adrenaline rush. You need to understand their psychology and know your animals.

Even though he had never had an accident, he never knows for sure what to expect from these wild beasts. Given the fact that he is getting older and these animals live more than twenty years, he is going to stop getting new animals.

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