Toddler Agrees With Everything Mom Says

Published January 12, 2018 53,853 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsRemember the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? In it, Carrey’s character lives with a negative outlook on life before an old friend suggests he should take a motivational “Yes!” seminar and it literally turns his life around.It is a good idea to enforce, just don’t forget we are all made is this thing called “flesh” and we should take a step back every once in a while.

Saying “yes” can bring to new experiences and knowledge, but it can also bring you a world of trouble if you stick yourself where you don’t belong. If, however, “yes” was the first word your toddler has learned to say, you can bet your bottom dollar they will say it over and over, even if it is not true or not fitting at all. Just check out how hilarious it sounds.

When mom confronted her little girl about putting her slipper in the bath, every single question she asks gets an affirmative answer. “Was it naughty”? Yah. “Are you sorry?” Yah. “Are you sure you’re sorry though?” Yah. “Do you love mommy?” Yah.

So far it sounds like she means it, but it gets better! With each “yah” that comes out of that pig-tailed mouth, mom melts behind the camera, giggling to her daughter’s answers. It might not last long, but for the time being, the toddler has mom wrapped around a chubby little finger. How easy it must have been at that age; all you have to do is look completely innocent and all will be forgiven.

The best part about this confrontation is the last question. “Will you do it again?” asks mom and the girl’s answer has us floored.