the Kyle Suggs Show: Trump Wins Iowa, March for Life & more

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Join Kyle Suggs for "The Kyle Suggs Show," a riveting 90-minute live stream on Rumble, airing from 8 am to 9:30 am. Kyle, with his unapologetically conservative and anti-woke stance, brings insightful commentary on today's most pressing issues. The show promises to deliver a clear, concise, and engaging discussion on a range of topics from the latest political developments to current events and cultural insights.

Today's show notes and agenda include:

Trump Wins Iowa: Analyzing the victory's implications.
Iowa Polling: Delving into the latest poll results.
March for Life: Discussing the event and its significance.
Current Events: Covering the latest news and its impact.
TCT Shorts of the Week: Highlighting top short videos.
New Podcast in March: Previewing the upcoming podcast series.

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