List Of Ten Animals With Interesting Sleeping Habits

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Published: January 11, 2018Updated: January 13, 2018

Everyone needs a good night’s rest, or at least a decent power nap on occasion. These ten animals have taken those concepts to the extreme. Giraffes for example, only sleep about 30 minutes a day, they take quick naps in order to avoid becoming a feast for nearby predators. These naps rarely last longer than five minutes at a time.

Meerkats huddle up for a warmer sleep. They gather in gangs of up to 40 animals and dig a hole for their sleeping chambers. Inside, meerkats huddle together, protecting their leaders at the bottom of the pile.

We all know that bears dream away the coldest months of the year. They turn on hibernation mode, where they don’t drink, eat, urinate or move for the entire winter. Hibernation bears lose up to a quarter of their weight which is a great way to slim down, don’t you think?

Frogs get their winder beauty sleep, too. During their hibernation period, some frogs stop breathing and their hearts stop beating. Does this mean that they die and get reborn again? It is actually the high concentrations of glucose in their vital organs that keep them alive.

Sperm whales nap ‘standing’ on their tails. Whales may sail through the deep, but every now and then, they rise to the surface to slumber. These short bouts of sleep last up to 15 minutes, during which they don’t move or breathe.

Desert snails can drift off for years. One of these slimy creatures brought to the British museum was assumed to be dead, but four hours later the snail crawled out of its cozy shell, safe and sound.

Albatrosses hit the hay on the go. With their busy hunting lifestyle, these birds can’t afford the luxury of a good sleep. Albatrosses have no other choice but to take power naps while they fly.

Walruses crash anywhere, even underwater. They hold their breath and take five minute naps while swimming. Walruses catch up on sleep on shore, where they doze off for upwards of 19 hours.

To stay alert while resting, horses don’t lie down. They lock their legs in a straight standing position and fall asleep without falling over. Occasionally, they lie down for a nap to rest their legs.

Give your cat some space, they need to sleep hard. In the wild, cats chase prey, burn a lot of energy and require power naps. So you can forgive your feline companion for sleeping up to 20 hours a day!

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