Puppy needs favorite puppy to go to sleep

cseh_17Published: January 11, 2018Updated: January 12, 20183,767 plays$6.45 earned
Published: January 11, 2018Updated: January 12, 2018

We all know that feeling when we are tired and just want to fall asleep instantaneously, but it seems impossible without completing our rituals. We need our favorite blanket or our stuffed toy from our childhood, we all have our weird sleeping positions that we need to find or our music to listen to before falling asleep. And let's be honest! Who doesn't need a good night kiss?

The same can be said for this adorable labrador puppy, who struggles to fall asleep and keeps searching for his position. Not even his favorite Pokemon blanket can help him this time.

The solution is a good night kiss, of course! Just watch him come and give a big kiss on the camera! Gotta Catch 'Em All!

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