Official Theme of 2024 WEF is TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

4 months ago

There is one name haunting all attendees at the 2024 World Economic Forum. DONALD TRUMP. As they themselves admit, Trump haunts their every thought 24/7. Why? Because as WEF Stooge Boy Yuval Noah Harari admitted, the election of Trump this year means the "deathblow" to their planned global economic order which is actually comes out as an election endorsement.

Oh, and KUDOS to Rebel News of Canada for having an INDEPENDENT media on the scene in Davos covering this event and actually asking challenging questions of the attendees in stark contrast to controlled media such as CNN and BBC which paid big bucks to be there and act as willing stenographers for the WEF agenda. Be sure to check Rebel News for regular updates on what is REALLY happening at the WEF and why the many of the attendees are quite dangerous characters.

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