Golden Retriever Shares “Lady And The Tramp” Moment With His Feathered Friend

carlyj3Published: January 11, 20186,770 views
Published: January 11, 2018

An adorable video has emerged showing the true definition of friendship featuring the most adorable bond ever witnessed on camera. This is the incredible moment when a bird passes noodles to its canine pal. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Footage shows that this bird is indeed the friend in need to his fellow pooch. Watch as a bird pet passes noodles to its canine pal in a motherly manner like mother birds pass worms to their newborns, placing them inside their tiny beaks. Teamwork makes dream work!

This dream team friendship has put a smile on our face and showed us the true definition of friendship in the animal kingdom. The unusual bond these bird and dog share is absolutely remarkable. The bird is standing on the kitchen counter and is generously passing noodles, feeding the dog, one noodle at a time, as the patient pooch waits under the counter for the next one to come.

This adorable Golden Retriever pup knew that he isn't allowed on the counter so he decided to grab a little supper support from a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed fits perfectly in this story!

As pooch patiently waits for his next bite, making sure to not rush his buddy, the pup sits back and waits patiently as each noodle is picked up and dropped in his mouth by the caring bird. The motherly instinct in this bird makes the perfect feeding video. The dog is careful enough not to chomp preemptively when receiving the noodle.

The Cockatoo bird is feeding his four-legged friend noodles and he is having a lot of fun in the process. Maybe this bird thinks that the short noodles are worms, and confused his dog for its babies, so he is very good at feeding.

Watch this Lady and the Tramp moment as the Cockatoo bird bobs his way toward his furry companion to share a string of spaghetti. The eager pooch licks his chops as he waits for the next bite.

Moments later, it even appears as though this feathered friend dips the noodles into a sauce sitting in a nearby container, before feeding the string of spaghetti to the dog.
Fortunately, this bizarre meal was caught on camera for us to enjoy this bonding experience. It is true that love comes from the stomach and this video is the perfect example of that.

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