The cat climbs the whole apartment and ruins it!

AlexeyPublished: January 11, 2018Updated: January 12, 2018
Published: January 11, 2018Updated: January 12, 2018

Cats learn ONLY and ONLY in this way: they must be punished DURING committing a crime. They caught him with a wire in his mouth, while the wire in his mouth and you puffed and cursed loudly on the cat, you can even hit hard (not on the head, or even the injury can get) - everything, consider that it's the most wire in life ever touches. But if they were late at least for 2 seconds, he already released the wire and went away, everything is useless. He simply does not understand. I do not understand the people who say: neee, he understands everything. Yes, he does not understand! A person has thoughts in his brain and thousands of convolutions. A cat has not a single thought and a pair of convolutions. So it is with the toilet - while sitting, making a puddle in the sneakers - sharply loudly sizzled - everything, consider to have disaccustomed. But as soon as the horror is done, everything! already useless. The more offensive for the cat, if he sincerely does not understand for what, and you are his muzzle in a puddle. He will remember and be angry with you. The next time, knowing that you are angry after that, he will deliberately sit in the sneakers. About punishment - the same with the headset. Cats are afraid of sharp and loud sounds. Sizzles are perceived as a threat. Why do not you beat the cat. First, they perceive a person's hand as a huge paw. And they sincerely do not understand how it's possible: just this paw beat me, but it's already getting to my head (this you try to pat). Your hand should associate the cat with the good and not bear the threat. By the way, to achieve the desired action from the cat can be the same, only by encouraging the accomplishment of the desired action. For example, my cat grinds its claws on the claw, does not touch the wallpaper. Why? but because I taught her that when she sharpens her claws on a claw - I get her a piece of food when she's shaking, she gets it.

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