Watch This Wiener Dog Being Too Lost In A Pair Of Pajamas

Published January 10, 2018 175 Plays $0.79 earned

Rumble Regardless of whether you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, you just cannot deny that dogs are simply – cute! Dogs dressed up in custom-made clothes are even cuter! We can’t think of anything sweeter than a sausage dog in pajamas! Just imagine, now you can purchase custom-made pajamas matching your dog. So cool! This video is a proof that Wiener dogs are just amazing and that they can rock any kind of clothes!

Oscar got a new pair of pajamas and his owner decided to record him as he runs around the house in them. He is absolutely adorable! Oscar is showing off his new Pj’s to his friends, the cat who traditionally is not really interested in anything the silly dogs have to show, and the Siberian Husky who also wears a custom-made sweater. Little Oscar is ready to take a nice and comfy nap after he is done with playing around.

“Our Wiener dog, Oscar, loves being dressed up, being snuggled and being warm. But he has never had a pair of pajamas that went around his hind legs too. This made him a little confused and unable to walk. The result was too cute,” the owner said laughing.

This one minute video of Oscar running around with his Pj’s will definitely make your day brighter!

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