Companies Are Selling 'Raw Water', But Should You Drink It

NewsyPublished: January 10, 2018Updated: January 11, 201846 views
Published: January 10, 2018Updated: January 11, 2018

Clear and healthy water is one of the larger problems now a days. Many parts of The World are excluded from filtered and sanitized water which leads into health complications and an unhealthy life style. Raw water can sometimes be good even though in many cases it contains bacterias, viruses and even parasites. To many of these threats the body is immune, however it has been scientifically proven that some of them can cause very serious sickness. Taking the chance in today's time and day seems extremely unnecessary. The fact that we can find bottled water in every store has made such discussion irrelevant.

However, that doesn't go to say that there isn't companies out there that will try anything for a profit.Raw water is untreated, unfiltered natural spring water. As this video states, there are now several companies that are taking raw, natural water and bottling it. Keep in mind, this water has not gone through any filtration process nor has it been cleared of bacteria that it might contain. Oh no, these people believe that nature is kind and it will provide exactly what we need for as long as we need it. And guess what, the prices of these bottles can sometimes reach up to $60 per the bottle.

So, what do you think? Is this water worth the trouble even though it is 100% natural?

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