Dog obedience training: Practicing the “WAIT” command

6 months ago

Today I had to go over to my cousins house to wait on the exterminator to come spray around it. I took this opportunity to practice cowboys wait command. I also had to water a plant of mine that I’m keeping over there because it is so big. So the video would not be so long. I cut out part of the waiting parts. Cowboy stay put where I asked him to stay for me walking back-and-forth four times to the kitchen to get more water. He did so good. I have to keep reminding myself though that he is still a puppy. After all he is only seven months old even though he weighs over 75 pounds now. He’s gotten too big for me to pick up two weigh anymore. #dogobediencetraining #belgianmalinoispuppy #belgianmalinois

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