Beautiful sea turtle swims past divers on way to surface

Published January 10, 2018 1,582 Plays $2.90 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeSea turtles are among the most beautiful and graceful creatures in the ocean. Most people dream of being able to swim near one and actually see it in its natural habitat. These young divers are experiencing an incredible thrill as they encounter a big, Green Turtle resting on the reef. All sea turtles breath air and they must return to the surface after half an hour at the bottom. These divers were watching the turtle as it decided to make an ascent for air. They remained very still and the turtle acted very unconcerned by their presence.

A turtle slowly swimming upward through clear, blue water is a sight to behold.

This Green Turtle has tumors on its neck and around its face. Its a condition called fibropapillomatosis, caused by the spread of a virus among sea turtles. Although the tumors themselves are benign, they will grow to a size that will eventually interfere with the turtle's ability to see or move.

There are theories about pollution interfering with the turtles' immune system and their ability to resist the virus.

Turtle populations are decreasing all around the world. Without our commitment to reducing pollution and habitat destruction, sights like this will soon become a thing of the past.