If You Ever Wonder What $100,000 Tastes Like Try This Expensive Delicacy

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Published: January 10, 2018

The demand for certain truffles has put their price in the six-digit range. Know any foodies that would pay that much for a tasty fungus? With a $100,000 you could buy a private island, a sexy sports car, lunch with Bill Clinton, gold, diamonds or a funny looking rock i.e. the Alba white truffle!

The Alba white truffle is among the most expensive foods in the world. Known as the ‘diamond of the kitchen’, truffles are rare and unique. They are a type of underground mushroom that grow near tree roots. Since they cannot be cultivated, truffle hunters use pigs or dogs to sniff them out.

The white truffle is said to taste like garlic, musk and cabbage, a flavor that typically starts at $500 an ounce. So what makes these things so special? Aside from their unique and rich taste, every truffle is one of a kind. The skin of the truffle is influenced by the soil around it, which means that no two truffles are the same. No one will ever have a truffle that tastes just like yours.

In 2016, an auction in Piedmont, Italy drew lots of excitement when the big ticket item was a 2.5lb truffle and it sold for roughly $112,000! Who said that money cannot buy taste? Making it the perfect example of putting your money where your mouth is!

Reportedly, the winter white truffle from the picturesque northern Italian hills near Alba is the most highly esteemed of all known varieties of truffles given its lofty reputation which makes this aromatic nugget high-priced.

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