Energetic Dog Enjoys Swimming At The Beach

Published January 10, 2018 2,378 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA long beach, perfectly secluded from the eyes of the everyday hustle and bustle, with white soft sand, turquoise blue sea and crystal clear water where sun is playing with the peaceful waves seems like an ideal place to be for your holidays. You feel motivated enough to sing at the top of your lungs and you can not shake the surge of positive energy that makes you feel ecstatic. Summer has this charms to drag you into its enchanting labyrinth of enjoyment and delight. The only real answer is to surrender!

Rise and shine is not a phrase only people feel but obviously dogs as well. This dog, the happy Whippet shows us how a day at the beach should be spent properly. What is the point of going at the beach if not the swimming and splashing the heck out of you? Can you imagine just lying lazily on the sand and missing the fun in the sea?

It is true that whippets are quiet dogs but look at this whippet, he totally yields to the gentle strokes of the water and it is as if we can hear him shout ‘I am the happiest dog in the world!’ With his life jacket on, nobody can stop him, he is so wholeheartedly immersed into its swim that it makes you join him. And he is a great swimmer, indeed. He loves the game of chasing in the water and not even his owner can hold him in his hands, he so mischievously slips away and off in the sea again breaking the swimming records in the dogs’ world. Though the fun has to come to an end, he still enjoys the cuddles and the drying time in the clutch of his little girl friend.