Huge, curious ostrich tries to eat GoPro

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe ostrich is a huge bird, standing over nine feet tall and weighing over 320lbs. They are the largest birds in the world and are capable of speeds of over 40mph. They are a sight to behold, especially close up. Their huge feet are used to deliver a powerful kick that would discourage even the most determined predator. They have enormous claws on their feet, capable of inflicting a deadly wound.

These ostriches are rescues, seized by government officials in Mexico and taken to the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary. This center is home to monkeys, birds, zebras, snakes, and other animals that have been removed from neglectful or abusive situations. Here they will be given a second chance at life.

A particularly large male ostrich noticed he was being filmed and he became very interested in the camera. Ostriches are largely vegetarian, but they will peck at almost anything to see if it is edible. This one wanders up to the GoPro, takes a close look and then strikes with his mouth open in an attempt to eat it.

The ostrich provides us with a close look at his giant eyes. At two inches in diameter, they are the largest eyes of any land animal.

The ostrich also lays the largest eggs of any bird, weighing 3lbs and measuring 6 inches in diameter. What is very unique about the ostrich is that the females lay their eggs in a communal nest and the females and males in a group take turns sitting on them to keep them warm. Ostriches generally live in flocks of between 10 and 100 birds. There will usually only be one dominant male in the flock.

Ostriches can live between 50 and 75 years. In many ways, they are one of the most bizarre and fascinating birds on earth. Naturally curious, they are not afraid of much and will confidently approach to investigate whatever interests them.