VSRF Live #110: Covid Whistleblowers, What the Nurses Saw

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“The most important VSRF LIVE ever!” – Steve Kirsch

Thursday, January 18, 2024
7pm ET | 4pm PT

Tune in this Thursday for a groundbreaking episode of VSRF LIVE, featuring Steve Kirsch in what promises to be the most powerful and revealing discussion to date. In this episode, Steve will engage in a candid conversation with 10 medical practitioner whistleblowers, shedding light on the comprehensive web of misinformation surrounding the Covid pandemic. These courageous individuals will share firsthand accounts, challenging the narrative that hospitals were overwhelmed when, in fact, they were empty. Shockingly, it will be revealed that over 90% of COVID deaths were attributed to treatment protocols rather than the virus itself. The discussion will explore early and inpatient treatments that could have significantly reduced the death rate. Astonishingly, insights from an ICU doctor suggest that COVID vaccines may have increased all-cause mortality in hospitals by up to 80%.

Furthermore, revelations about how EMR systems may have contributed to misconceptions about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” will be exposed. Join us for an eye-opening exploration into the untold aspects of the pandemic, where medical professionals share their experiences and express the ongoing challenges they face in speaking out. Don’t miss this pivotal episode that aims to uncover the truth behind the unprecedented events of the past few years.

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