Stand4THEE Live @ 5PM (EST) - NB Homeowner Facing Expropriation Eviction

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A Saint John resident is facing losing his home through expropriation as the town has determined that the land his home is built on is required for a new school project.

However, the records show it's not for a school, but it's required for a future residential project.

Due process of the Expropriation Act was not followed and the owner of the house has not had an opportunity to object and has later found out that all the plans to expropriate his house took place before he was notified.

How can you help?
1. Email the public interest letter, download here:

2. Attend the event at Tom's house this Sat, Jan 20th @ 2pm on St James St in Saint John.

3. Tom has a court appearance to determine his eviction on Mon, Jan 22nd @ 3pm at the Saint John Courthouse - PLEASE GO AND SUPPORT IF YOU CAN!

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