Peaceful Dog Stops Feathers From Flying By Stopping A Chicken Fight

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Published: January 9, 2018

An adorable video has emerged of a dog trying to stop feathers from flying when two chickens picked a fight on January 7, 2018 in Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

Usually only the males fight, and they usually only fight when there are too many. You only need one rooster for every 10–15 hens. If hens are fighting, it means they don’t have enough space. That’s why hens in factory farms are debeaked, they only have 1/2 square foot per bird, so they get grumpy. Supposedly, that was the reason why these two hens engaged in chick fight, they must have felt crowded sharing a coop.

Often times we hear that the cry of roosters drowns out the roar of engines beneath a Bangkok flyover as all eyes are trained on two sparring birds, a bloody, high stakes battle in a country where cockfighting is big business.These birds do not usually fight to the death, as in many parts of the world, but they can still inflict fatal damage to their opponents in contests almost always accompanied by lucrative gambling.

Footage shows as this peaceful dog engages in the fierce fight, trying to separate the fighting chickens by pulling one of them by the tail. Watching this tiny dog trying to break a chick fight is funny as it can be! The little fellow is devoted to keep them apart and manages to drag the han by its tail away from its opponent, but to no avail!

Moments later, the attacking hen approaches the dragged away chicken and tries to pick up another fight! No matter the outcome, this dog is our hero for trying to save the day and prevent feathers from flying like from a ripped pillow!

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