Bearded Dragon Greets His Owner From Across The Room

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Published: January 9, 2018

Here’s a question for all you pet owners out there: how do you greet your pet when you walk in the same room as them? Do you acknowledge their presence? Do you call them by their name and give them a tight hug? Or do you wave at them in the hopes that they will return the gesture? Because one guy in Texas did just that, and his cold-blooded pet returned in kind!

A guy in El Paso, Texas, managed to film his bearded dragon waving back at him. At first, he thought that maybe the little guy, who he called Evan for some reason, went into hibernation mode or something, because the lizard does not appear to be moving. What he did next had us in stitches.

The man says: One day I walked into my room and saw that he wasn't moving much. I tried seeing if he'd moved by waving at him, but little did I know that he'd wave back at me. I tried keeping it cool for the video."

As much as we would like to congratulate Evan’s owner on having such a unique and remarkable pet, we have to say that waving actually isn’t all that uncommon with bearded dragons.

Arm-waving is seen frequently in juvenile dragons. Youngsters use arm-waving when interacting with each other, even where there is no apparent aggression. They will slowly move one arm in a circular motion and may even switch arms and body position while doing this. It is more frequent with those who are smaller and may be the start of territorial behavior. Juveniles will arm-wave to show submission to an older dragon, particular after the adult head-bobs to indicate dominance.

So, basically, Evan tells his owner “stay cool, bruh, I’m you guy” or something. It is still neat tho!

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