5 years ago

Kind Officer Reminds Driver They Forgot Coffee On Car Roof

What would you do for your morning dose of a good ol’ cup of joe? One might they they would run people over for it. Memes across the world wide web tell of stories where people would much rather sew your mouth shut until they have had their first coffee in the morning. It is like the petrol of humans - we can’t function without the black gold in a cup.

It would seem that one driver in De Forest, Wisconsin was so out of sorts on January 4, that after putting their cup on the roof of their car, probably to open the driver’s side, they completely forgot about their morning dose! Luckily, one kind police officer was right there to save the driver’s day!

The De Forest Police department posted this video on their YouTube channel of Chief Dan Furseth watching traffic as parents dropped their kids off at school. It is when he noticed a minivan traveling on the opposite side of the crosswords, with something peculiar on top.

The footage shows Chief Furseth following the vehicle, asking it to pull over, then walking out of his car and offering the driver his own cup of forgotten coffee. What we all hope and pray for is that the coffee didn’t turn to ice cream in the freezing De Forest morning. Let’s just hope it stayed at least at body temperature.

No one wants to start the year with frozen coffee.

Credit: DeForestPolice

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