Husky Knows Exactly What To Do When Owner Falls Down During Blizzard

Published January 9, 2018 65,267 Views $261.76 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs, dogs, dogs! Aren't they just the very best! When it comes to the winter season, Huskies are definitely built for it. As we know, their skin is thick, their hair is also thick, which plays a very big part of why they are the ultimate snow dogs. This breed of dogs are also working dogs. They are used for helping out humans in pulling weight from one location to another up in the far North. They are also used for a transportation device while puling a sled that a human steers. As far as their nature goes, they can be very proud and stubborn. But with some love and little time to train they can become the friend that you've always wanted.

Here we have a very interesting situation of a Husky in its natural habitat. As you can see in this video, a whole lot of snow has fallen throughout the night and this Husky is enjoying the result with its owner in the morning. The joy and fun they are having is definitely something to be jealous of. This lucky owner has even thought of a game to play to make the experience even more fun. As they run through the snow, this owner decides to fall into the snow to fool his husky that he is in trouble. As soon as the husky realizes that its owner is dug deep into the snow, it runs in for the rescue.

Check out how this Husky's response when the owner falls down into the deep snow during a crazy snowstorm.

What a hero!

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