We Bet You've Never Seen This Kind Of Water Skiing

ViralVideoUKPublished: January 9, 201881 views
Published: January 9, 2018

Talk about taking things to extreme measures. Leave it to the Russians to take something fun and harmless and make it into the scariest, most dangerous event ever. We've seen all the videos online of just the most ridiculous stunts being performed by people that are just hungry for adrenaline.

So, just to sum up the scene. There is one guy on a Jet Ski that takes the pedal to the metal while dragging behind another guy that is holding on for dear life on what looks like a space shuttle floating device. After the Jet Ski reaches up to ridiculous speed, the guy in the floating device takes the ride airborne. And of course you have the legend behind the camera that is on another jet ski we're guessing, filming the whole experience. Our guess is that these guys had nothing better to do but risk their lives for what has come out to be a very insane video.

At times like these we should take a minute to contemplate such experience and see for our self's what can come out of a couple of goofballs just trying to have some fun. This video is a must see if you ever try to make Jet Ski an even more extreme and fun experience.

Take a look as this video is surely going to amaze you!

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