Dog Attacks Its Own Reflection And Gets Aggressive With The Mirror

Published January 9, 2018 727 Views

Rumble A hilarious footage has emerged from Vologda, Russia featuring an angry dog barking in its own mirror reflection. This aggressive pooch is obviously annoyed by the staring back face and tries to chase it away!

This dog thinks its reflection is another dog intruding into the home and barks to chase it away. Too funny! Owner explains that his dog Chuckie was very pissed when he first saw his own reflection in the mirror. Apparently, prior to that, Chuckie wasn't so aggressive!

Researchers use a mirror test to determine whether subjects perceive mirrors reflections as belonging to them. While dogs have failed this test, this doesn't necessarily mean they lack self-awareness, only that the mirror doesn't engage their interest.

In addition, when dogs look into a mirror, they typically have one of two responses. They may bark or try to invite play as if they were staring at another dog, or they may appear to do nothing. Dogs who perceive the mirror reflection as another dog and either bark or invite the dog to play tend to lose interest when their actions get no response. After this first experience, they often ignore their reflection in the mirror.

Surprisingly, this behavior suggests that dogs don't understand that they are looking at themselves in the mirror. Dogs fail to pass the so-called mirror test, a test that determines whether a species perceives the mirror reflection as its own. Species that have passed this test include dolphins, chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and elephants.

Despite this fact, this video of a dog chasing his own reflection in the mirror has certainly made our day!

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