Former Google Employee Suing Company For Discrimination Against Men, Caucasions, And Conservatives!

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Published: January 9, 2018

Damore told Fox Business that Google still engages in “harassment and career sabotage of anyone that expresses a conservative viewpoint, and there’s constant shaming and attacks against white men within Silicon Valley.”

“Google employees and managers strongly preferred to hear the same orthodox opinions regurgitated repeatedly, producing an ideological echo chamber, a protected, distorted  bubble of groupthink,” the lawsuit continued. “When Plaintiffs challenged Google’s illegal employment practices, they were openly threatened and subjected to harassment and retaliation from Google.”

The lawsuit came on the heels of a three-year federal investigation into pay practices at Google. Last year, Labor Department regulators accused Google of underpaying female workers. The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm vehemently denied the charges.

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