Exciting A Capella Group Brings Christmas Cheer To Train Commuters

Published January 9, 2018 2,059 Plays

Rumble These lovely talented men are members of a group called Vocal Point, who along side Stuart Edge have summed up to create quite the Christmas show. Their plan is to board a Polar Express-themed train and surprise the passengers with a quick Christmas cheerful show. As the conductor walks along the isle and collects all the tickets he "runs" upon a passenger that claims he has lost his ticket. As the man tries to explain his sudden misfortune, he gets up and starts singing.

But wait, there is more. Along side him, join the "conductor" and another 9 gentlemen that make the ride turn into quite the show. As people start to catch on this lovely parade that these guys are putting on for them, their faces light up with joy. This for sure made their holidays even more exciting.

Now wouldn't this be a holiday that all of these people will remember. As the song goes on, kids start dancing and even parents start singing along.

Must take a look to see the wonderful Christmas surprise these gentleman have given to these random passengers. You must put your hands together for all these young man that have come up with this great idea. They have put the time and effort into brightening up these people's holiday and New Year. Great job guys!

You are most definitely bound to enjoy!

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