Kid Jumping On Frozen Trampoline Makes A Glorious Presentation

Published January 9, 2018 136,518 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWe get it, trampolines are fun. A minuscule jump can get you really high for a really short time if you make it on a trampoline, giving you the irresistible sensation of flying. The Inuit people used to do it with a blanket, to celebrate whale harvest. Trampolines are also very often associated with circuses, for obvious reasons. But even trampolines have their seasons, because who would want to jump on a trampoline in the rain or during snow season?

But if you leave it outside during the brisk weather, the water and condensation that gathers on the trampoline bed will crystallize, just waiting for you to make one little jump on the taut fabric.

This kid knew exactly what will happen, after his family left the huge trampoline outside over the winter. There was no snow, but the trampoline bed did give off a certain glow, a bit of sparkle here and there. There was only one way to find out what will happen.

After reassuring his mom that he knows what he is doing, the kid climbs on the railing while steadying himself on the corner column and makes the jump. As soon as he breaks the surface, the trampoline gets covered in snow! The thin layer of ice that formed on the blanket gets broken up into minuscule crystals, making for quite the presentation!

According to circus folklore, the fun device was developed by an artiste named du Trampolin, who saw the possibility of using the trapeze safety net as a form of propulsion and landing device and experimented with different systems of suspension, eventually reducing the net to a practical size for separate performance. While trampoline-like devices were used for shows and in the circus, the story of du Trampolin is almost certainly made-up. No documentary evidence has been found to support it.