Deer Stranded In Ice Lets Her Rescuer Carry Her

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Published: January 8, 2018

An Arkanzan family showed a real spirit, when they noticed a young deer stuck in the ice on a frozen pond. The deer had probably tried to pass across the pond, but the ice broke underneath its thin legs and the poor animal got stuck in the freezing water with non means of getting out.

Donna Fletcher was the one who noticed the unfortunate deer in the water after going outside to feed her animals. She heard the deer thrashing on the ice in an attempt to free itself to little avail, so she called her son Charlie Cram and his son Garrett to come over and help.

"My boys and I are always out there helping out," Charlie said. "Family is everything to us.” His son didn’t waste any time. He grabbed his waders and went on the ice to reach the animal. Sledgehammer in hand, he walks to the deer. The animal seems to understand that he is there to help, as she does close to nothing to run away.

The ice is strong beneath Garrett’s feet, but as soon as he reaches the doe, the ice cracks. Unable to push her across, Garrett does something that not everyone is able to. The animal lets him lift her from the icy water into his arms and carry her across instead! That is simply amazing!

When the brave young man reaches dry land, he lowers the soaking-wet doe to the ground, but she lingers to let him pet her in a clear display of gratitude.

His proud grandmother says they later made a lean-to out of pallets and put straw and corn in it for the deer to lay low until she dries off and regains her strength. The next morning she was gone.

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