NeverTrumper Rich Lowry — I Was Wrong, President Trump Has had An A+ Agenda

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Published: January 8, 2018

I was pleased by Mr. Lowery's plainspoken admission about his misjudgment of our President's abilities and politics, though I admittedly was very surprised to read that this outspoken member of the "Never Trump" faction of Republicans supposedly voted for Pres Trump; an action which very soundly invalidated his "Never Trump" status.

Trump was elected because he didn’t speak “politician”. But he gets the job done. Contrast that to Obama who spoke fluent “politician” but stifled the country in many ways. Some people think Trump is a loose cannon on Twitter. Others like that he calls out the media and the left. The media ran roughshod over George W Bush and the base was angry it was allowed to happen. He should have fought back in some degree. His “classy” silence got him nowhere. It’s time to hold a mirror up to the media and the left.

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