Funny Baby Makes Her Twin Sister Laugh

AFVPublished: January 8, 20182,128 views
Published: January 8, 2018

Don't you just love watching adorable baby videos filled with baby laughter? Get ready for the cutest twin babies video you will see today! Our two adorable heroes today are these precious twin girls with an awesome sense of humor. Trust us, by the end of this clip you will be laughing out loud, and for a good reason!

One of these precious little babies obviously knows what makes her sister laugh, and is about to make the most use out of it. One of the sisters starts making fart noises and sends the other into hilarious giggle fit! You can tell this is intentional because the twin making the fart noises watches her sister laugh and continues to make the noises because she finds it so funny. She lives for the laughs! And she's obviously not going to stop any time soon, and neither is her sister! She keeps making the same sounds because she knows how much her sister laughs! And is there anything more precious than wanting to make other people laugh? We are sure there isn't!

And just when you think all the fun is over, the entire show starts all over again, much to our pleasure. These two can do this all day, and we're more than sure that we won't get tired of watching them all day long! These two are clearly future comedians!

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