Dog Flipping Out On Scale Is All Of Us After The Holidays

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Published: January 8, 2018Updated: January 9, 2018

The holidays are definitely something that all of us look forward to. The Christmas spirit, the Christmas tree, all the presents and of course getting some time to spend with our families. Aside of all that good stuff, there is one thing that we very much look forward to when the holidays are close by. Yes, you guessed it, the food! The food throughout the holidays for some reason always tastes better. It might be that you are back home and get to taste your moms cooking again or even the fact that you are not eating at some local fast food joint.

However, after all the fun and joyful times we've had over the holidays, and of course skipped on the gym like a million times. Called it cheat day every day and start feeling guilty as soon as those holidays butterflies wear off. Now it is when you have to go back to the real world and consider the fact that you have done nothing but eat in the last two weeks and just pray to God that you aren't as big as you feel.

Here we have very charming and also scared Golden Retriever that is just shocked and the number once he gets on and the scale turns on. He jumps and growls and barks at the scale as to show his disapproval for the digits that are displayed before him. This is quite the funny story. Many of us will definitely relate to this puppy!

Check out how Scout the Golden Retriever hilariously reacts to the digital scale being turned on.

So funny!

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