When Hell Freezes Over The Landscape In Falmouth Bay Is Stunning

Published January 8, 2018 825 Plays $2.39 earned

Rumble A stunning video has emerged featuring the perfect ice wonderland phenomenon. Footage was filmed on January 7, 2018 in North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA and features a stunning view of the ocean covered in white blanket. This stunning imagery of frozen water was shot at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth.

Filmmaker went to visit his grandmother and found the entire ocean in front of her house completely frozen. He decided to go check out this winter wonderland together with his dad, and his girlfriend. They were left for words by this magical experience and decided to make a video.

At first sight, you would think that this footage is filmed on the mountains, as these people are stomping and climbing on big chunks of snow. Moments later, as the camera turns, you can actually see a sandy beach and you realize that this is actually the ocean, and it is completely frozen! Wow!

This astonishing frozen landscape sure makes for a captivating video. It is that cold that the ocean froze and turned into glacier! The extremely cold temperatures in America caused even the ocean shore to freeze. Did you know that could actually happen? Amazing! Did hell freeze over in North Falmouth?

Usually, water is splashing along its shore even in the winter, but the bitter, weeks-long cold has turned the coast into an icy frozen wasteland, the kind you’d expect to find in Ice Age.

Obviously, the “entire” ocean is most definitely not frozen, the coast area looks like a glacier. Did anyone investigate to make sure Queen Elsa didn’t freeze over Falmouth the way she did in Frozen?