Man Stuck in Sewer Singing Amazing Grace While "Looking for His Cat"

ViralHogPublished: January 8, 2018Updated: April 19, 201821 views
Published: January 8, 2018Updated: April 19, 2018

Occurred on October 26, 2016 / Melbourne, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was walking down the road in Eau Gallie Fla and I was just about to put my headphones in when I heard casual singing coming out of a storm drain, I said WTF n hit record. It was crazy how oblivious he was to the situation crawling in the muddy 2 x 2 space under the road. I knew he was high af, out of his mind, and stuck. I called the police when the officer got there, the man in the sewer paid him no mind and kept talking and scratching at walls, banging and singing. I went to the store 5 min up the road n was surprised he was gone when I got back. I wanted to know what the end of my lil story was so The next day went to the fire station n talked to the firemen who save him and YES THERE WAS A CAT THERE(not his) I HAVE THE PICS, kinda crazy end you can look on my facebook lol. And I have his Flashlight It was left at the scene n I just had to grab it lol. Its resting in my garden, still with Gutter Mud on it. I do have the firemen who saved him, n the crackhead is still in the area, just to let U know. I use the drain as my own personal ghetto wishing well now lol just for the hell of it. Hopefully my wishes come true. Its All Part of the story, it still continues LOL. THANK YOU"

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