Schoolboy aged 15 launches petition to ban HOMEWORK in secondary schools in UK

SWNSPublished: January 8, 2018
Published: January 8, 2018

A 15-year-old boy is lobbying to have homework scrapped in secondary schools around the country.

Lee Sibley, a GCSE pupil at Severn Vale School, Glos, started the petition urging Prime Minister Theresa May to ban homework in UK secondary schools.

It has so far amassed 160 signatures, and the Year 11 pupil, who studies Politics, History, English, Maths, Geography, and Science, says the two pieces of homework a week he gets in each subject is too much.

Lee, who would rather be playing badminton or tennis, or out fishing rather than indoors studying, says he is doing three or four hours homework each night.

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