Couple Shovelled A Formula One Inspired Racetrack In The Snow For Their Greyhounds

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Published: January 8, 2018

An amazing video has emerged featuring a homemade racetrack that a loving dog owner had to shovel into his backyard in order for his greyhounds to enjoy running in the snow after the area was blanketed in a foot of snow.

Footage was filmed on January 4, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and shows the Formula 1 inspired racetrack that owner Jay Moschella dug into his backyard. One of his greyhounds is captured in the act of trying this winter track, running and having a nice time! The greyhound is having the time of his life, running on the track.

Jay Moschella from Boston, Massachusetts took the time to shovel a mini racetrack in his backyard, so his greyhounds could run around and play after last week's big snowstorm. Since his backyard was covered in a foot of snow, Jay decided to shovel his way through the snow and create a nice treadmill for his dogs to enjoy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say, so Jay had to shovel a Formula 1 track through the backyard for the greyhounds to run. This is exactly what you should do when there’s snow in the garden and you have restless greyhounds that need to be entertained.

Meet Jay Moschella, a librarian in Boston who lives with his girlfriend, Rebekah, and their two pet greyhounds, Vicki and Rocko. This witty couple came up with the idea to shovel a "Formula One" inspired track in the snow to keep their greyhounds entertained and fit.

When enormous blizzards hit the United States' east coast Jay and Rebekah had to come up with an alternative way of getting their dogs outside due to the huge amounts of snow that had hit their home. Since their backyard was covered in deep white blanket, they had to work their way out through the snow and create a running track for their energetic dogs. Great job!

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