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AlexeyPublished: January 7, 2018Updated: January 11, 2018
Published: January 7, 2018Updated: January 11, 2018

Honestly, I, for one, do not support the washing of cats. Yes, and our advice was advised not to get carried away by this - in general they can not be washed, because cats take great care of themselves in this regard themselves. But one time I got carried away by it. All seemed to me, that not so from them smells, etc. Even once, when the senior cat (and I have two of them) was small, I atoned for it and dried it badly. The bottom line is a cold, causing a vet at home and treatment. :( The cat was all in the snot, and since then I've been thinking about the advisability of washing and try not to pay much attention to the apparent smells, my younger one only when, if I'm going to the exhibition, it's inevitable. "Of course, it's nice when the cat smells pleasant fragrances, but it's such a beautiful thing for him, but this stress for him - this washing and hairstyle before the show, I can not tell you! The horror is simple. It's a pity it's done this way! He's got me, unlike the eldest, well, That's why I made a decision, if I do not go to I will not wash it, I will not wash it very much, he even does not tolerate this procedure very well, and even the oldest cat, even if it is not a non-staged cat, does not like to wash. Everything was going after a country holiday (and he rested, the senior kotyara, there almost 3 months!) to wash it, t ... an amateur to lie down on the grass or .... on the dirty ground! "8-0 But the hand did not rise to wash it, I see that the skin is clean, washing constantly, though not as carefully as the younger one, I think, not I will not wash. My opinion is that it is not necessary to wash kotei without need (dirt, smearing in something, etc.). And it's up to you, of course!

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