Real Ghost - Footage Caught On Camera: British Columbia

Published January 6, 2018 2,926 Plays $6.08 earned

Rumble The Paranormal Northcoast BC crew returned to a site where 2 weeks earlier, they had gotten several voices from their SB7 spirit box.

The crew returned to gather more audio and visual evidence and oh boy did they!

This video was filmed on December 30th 2017 at Midnight to avoid noise contamination and so the crew would be alone.

The weather is minus 20 degrees and any animals or insects would either be in hibernation such as birds or bats, or minimal.

I leave it to viewers to decide whether this is legit footage of a real ghost or the paranormal.

The first bit of highlighted footage is what appears to be a small spirit orb appearing near the dash of the car as we are filming.

The second bit of footage is the most compelling and was recorded as one crew member went outside to conduct a spirit box session.

The cameraman never saw anything at the time of filming but when we went back to look over all of our footage, that is when we noticed this anomaly when we slowed down the footage to see what it was.

Again, This was filmed late at night in extremely cold temperature and we saw no animals of any kind and they would be in winter hibernation.