Sassy Husky Hilariously Talks Back To His Human When He Is Told To Sit

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Published: January 5, 2018Updated: January 9, 2018

Dog owners often complain that they can't get their dog to behave appropriately because the dog just won't listen to them. They claim that their dog is particularly unintelligent, but that is absolutely not the case. Punitive training techniques that center on gaining control of your dog by dominating them into obeying can damage the human/animal bond and cause your dog to mistrust you and essentially switch off.

For so long people have been putting the emphasis on their dog’s need to be ‘obedient’ rather than ‘cooperative.’ We issue ‘commands’ rather than focusing on teaching the dog ‘cues’ by attaching these cues to actions or behaviors that we want.

When it comes to stubborn dogs, it seems Huskies are here to take the crown as the most stubborn dog breeds in the world! Whatever they set their mind to, they will not take no for an answer until they get it their way!

This heartwarming footage shows Max, the Husky, talking back to his owner and throwing an epic temper tantrum on the street. It is just an ordinary day, and huskies will be huskies!

This Husky throws an epic temper tantrum at owner in the middle of the street when owner tells Max to sit and the dog, well-known for its stubbornness, gives a piece of his mind to owner. Not only does this pooch talk back, he also refuses to obey the command to sit!

Watch as this pooch refuses to complete the order and howls in protest. Huskies are known for their vocal meltdowns and often throw tantrums when things don’t go the way they planned. That’s why he decides to give his human an earful when she howls at him and tells him to sit. His talkback is so good that mom can’t help but laugh. He’s one serious and hilarious back talker.

Often times Huskies are headstrong and vocal! The dog is howling louder and louder! He is acting like a spoiled toddler! However, Max isn’t unique in his stubbornness, his breed should take the blame! Huskies are infamous as being probably the number one most stubborn dog breed in the world, but also the most intelligent.

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