Excruciatingly Hot Weather Melts Freeway

Published January 5, 2018 24,314 Views $13.03 earned

Rumble Hot weather happens to be a more frequent problem in today's day. It has been brought to leaders attention that if we keep exploiting the planet at this pace, we will run into even more serious concerns when it comes down to low or high temperatures as far as the weather goes. This issues is now addressed far more into detail then it was couple of years back. Whether it is the hot or the cold weather, our planet will surely suffer major consequences for the brutal way we are mistreating it and further on make life more difficult then as we know it.

In this video we have what some would call proof to the difference in the weather. As this guy was driving along an interstate he realized that something wasn't right as he was driving toward his destination. As he opened his window and took a look outside he quickly realized that the ground beneath him was melting. In other words, the pavement road was so hot that as soon as a car drove over it, the pavement would carve in the shape of the wheel. He went on filming as he drove along the melting road. He says, "The right lane of the freeway was melting for a 10 kilometer stretch". Which we can clearly see it is so, and also the fact that it looks very scary. If the heat does that to the pavement, we can only imagine the kind of effect it has on humans.

As previously mentioned, this is now a problem that has spread all throughout our earth. As far as a problem go, solution must follow. The quicker the solution is found the better off for all the people that populate this Earth. Do you maybe have any ideas as to how we can prevent this from happening in the future?