Alan Watt - Redux 143 - "Eye on the Future w/Hehpsehboah" - Jan. 14, 2024

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Freezing Weather - Siv's Norwegian Christmas - US and UK Strike Houthis in Yemin - Expanding Middle East War - Iran - David Cameron's Support for Israel at Aspen Institute Forum on National Security and Foreign Policy - Rising Disability Claims - The Unfolding Agenda, Don't Panic - Alan Watt as Guest on "Eye On The Future" with Hehpsehboah, 2006 - Why Do They Give Us Superstars to Follow? - How Adolf Hitler was Used - William Cooper - Harper, Bush, North American Union - 911, 999, The Checkerboard - Meditation - Self-Help - Hermaphroditic Golum, the New Type of Slave - KNOW THYSELF, You are the Only Material You can Work On.

With coldness and with cruelty you shaped me - by Not Sure

Houthis vow 'strong' response as U.S. launches new strike in Yemen

Who Are the Houthis and Why Is the U.S. Attacking Them?

Washington Escalates the Middle East Conflict

Major Escalation: Biden Launches War On Yemen

Expanding Middle East War. Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran, The War on Energy, Strategic Waterways

Aspen Institute Forum on National Security and Foreign Policy (embedded video, Dec. 7, 2023)

The number of new disability benefit claimants has doubled in a year,This%20report%20investigates%20the%20increase

Social Security offices critical to disability benefits hit breaking point

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson with Dr. William Makis (Jul.18, 2023) - UK Disability Data, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injuries

UK PIP Analysis - Body Systems

The Rise of Adolf Hitler | Germany's Fatal Attraction: Part 1

The Terri Schiavo Story

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