Graffiti Artist Pulls Off Epic Dinosaur Forest Art

Ches Published January 5, 2018 8,496 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsWhile most street artists go to urban spaces to use them as canvas, one graffiti artist became famous for going out of the box and creating a new form of graffiti. Moscow native Evgeny Ches uses a technique called “CelloGraf”, where a layer of cellophane is used as a canvas for his spray paint art, wrapped around two trees or other vertical objects in nature.

Evgeny’s animals all look so real, that sometimes, people hiking in the great outdoors are shocked to see a dinosaur running at them full speed. His incredible attention to detail does that, but the transparency of his canvas helps a lot as well.

By using cellophane, the artist is able to position their art in any location, as long as there are two columns between which they can stretch their plastic wrap canvases. By creating graffiti in the forest, Ches reverses preconceptions of street art only existing in an urban environment.

He believes in the unorthodox canvases to highlight his urban art into nature. “The contrast seems very interesting to me when street art moves to [the] natural environment,” Ches mentions in one of his videos. And while the artist likes bringing an urban edge to Russia’s woods, he is also well aware that the landscape should not suffer for his art. So, taking great care that his art piece does not damage the trees, Evgeny takes his art down after a few days.

In the end, Evgeny hopes that by using cellophane, his temporary installations will encourage other street artists to avoid “spoiling any walls.”