She Decided To Test Out Ten Kitchen Ideas, But Not All Of Them Turned Out As Expected

WengiePublished: January 4, 2018Updated: February 11, 201832 views
Published: January 4, 2018Updated: February 11, 2018

The world wide web is a place that hides a lot of useful information. From tips on how to write an article to tricks to help you break into your apartment when you’ve locked yourself out. It truly has the answer to everything. Just ask Google.

If you search well enough, you’ll find people sharing almost everything they know and things that can facilitate your life so much, you’ll cut down on time and effort and never look back. We’re talking about easier ways to cook your eggs, how to scramble them inside their shells, how to core apples and even how to create a stand for your e-cookbook. It has everything, you just name it.

However, most of them turn out to be nothing more than a fluke, and you would have wasted your time in vain just trying them out. You would think that you’re doing something wrong, when in reality, it’s the hack that’s all sorts of wrong.

But don’t worry, Wengie is here to set things straight. This girl decided to try out some very useful tips and tricks, along with some very colorful but pretty useless ones, just for the sake of it. She will tell you if it’s really possible to remove the yolk of the egg by using a plastic bottle, pit cherries using straws and even use food dye to color up some lemons. Stay tuned to find out which ones of them actually work.

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