Forget The Fidget Spinner, This Is The Latest Internet Craze

richsungPublished: January 4, 2018Updated: January 5, 201869,202 views
Published: January 4, 2018Updated: January 5, 2018

Just when we thought that nothing will ever take the throne right from under those insufferable fidget spinners, something like this happens that made us think that we should have kept our pie holes shut. It is a game that has been around for quite some time. We get to blame Malcolm In The Middle for its widespread sensation, but the game goes way back.

No one could tell for sure how far back does the game come from, but the earliest someone could remember playing it was in the 1980’s. It used to be a silly game of making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and whoever got to notice it received a nice smack on the arm. Today it is a trend so stupefying, we all just want to look straight ahead and not show any signs of humane curiosity. Because you never know when someone will knock the shoulder off it’s joint.

So here's the golf trick of the day with a surprise special ending! A guy has some 30 golf balls lined up next to each other. His friend, who is on the ground recording the whole htng, gives him the que to strike and our patient golfer makes his gentle swing. Each of the golf balls hit the next and fall to the ground, with the last one making it in the hole.

Is that it? Oh, no, dear friends, because our cameraman pans in on the hole, to reveal a piece of paper with the circle drawn on it.

Now that you have been warned, we hope it came right on time before someone smacked you on the arm.

Credit to @rich_sung

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      caboose60 · 51 weeks ago

      No fun there.

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        caboose60 · 51 weeks ago

        Really stupid