Giraffe Chases Friends While On Tour Around The Wilderness

ViralVideoUK Published January 4, 2018 141 Plays

Rumble Choosing a vacation location can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are think about visiting an exotic place such as the wild. For some of us its the thrill of going out onto the dessert, possibly with a quick 4*4 vehicle and seeing all the wild has to offer from somewhat far distances. For some of us our dream vacation is to get as close as possible to the wild life that this world has to offer. Such as going out to Safari and checking out all the scenery and wild animals that live in those regions

However, not all plans go according to our original plan all the time. Sometimes we happen to run into issues such as finding the right tour guide, maybe finding the location to which we want to go and sometimes even expecting to see animals that are maybe more difficult to find thank we originally thought.

In this specific situation shown in the video, we have a couple of friends that have gone out into the wilderness and are ready to see some very exotic animals. They have been told to always keep an eye out for animals such as lions, tigers and cheetahs due to the fact that they can be very dangerous and life threatening.

However, this story takes us on a bit different experience. These people would have never though, nor were they told that Giraffes can also be dangerous and a potential threat. They seem to find out the hard way when they are out cruising in their jeep and all of a sudden a Giraffe starts running after them and chasing them.

Take a look as the situation quickly turns hectic as they are now driving for their lives. Take a look!