Obedient Mini Dachshund Puppy Performs Array Of Adorable Tricks

Published January 4, 2018 1,352 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis amusing video shows Monty the mini dachshund puppy performing various tricks in front of the camera. Watch as this pooch shows off his Saturday routine, flaunting different dog tricks in exchange for a treat. Cuteness overload!

Watch how attentively this obedient dachshund puppy listens to his owner and performs various tricks in front of the camera. First owner tells this adorable pooch to make a pirouette, followed by a “lay down” and “roll over” command. Next this smart pooch sits and lifts its front paws up in the air, making it stand on its back limbs.

The nice voice of his owner leads this dog from command to command, all of which he obediently completes. It must be very fun to be around this loving pooch, as he is playful and loves receiving orders from owner, and earning them dog treats!

Footage shows as this obedient dachshund pup responds to owner’s command “play dead” or “bang, bang” to which it responds twice. He has been shot twice and yet he is the last man standing! This cheerful pooch will do anything for a treat!

This pup wants to flaunt his skills and show how clever he is, especially when it comes to something as important as snacks.

Miniature Dachshunds are high-spirited and independent by nature and are bred to hunt. They have a keen intelligence and the ability to think on their own has been highly cultivated.They have a typical weight of 8 to 11 pounds. Some of their nicknames include "wiener dogs", "hot dogs", or "sausage dogs."