UFO Revelations: Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Contact? Week in Review – Jan 13, 2024

6 months ago

A primary source for David Grusch is Dr. Eric Davis
Miami Mall incident was likely a Deep State Psyop using holographic tech for a potential bluebeam alien event
The Spectator reveals an intriguing official disclosure plan from Britain’s scientific establishment
Anthony Sanchez discusses whistleblower accounts of Dulce Underground Base
Recent Move to Florida’s Key West
Gen Stephen Whiting replaces Gen James Dickinson as head of US Space Command
JP Update – Strange Medical Experiments and More on Nordics taking over Space Arks
Elena Danaan answers questions about using electronics aboard ET spacecraft
New Bill proposed to US Congress to prevent retaliation against civilian pilots for reporting UAPs/UFOs.
Key problem with Jacques Vallee and John Keel speculative theories on the unknown aspects of UFO phenomenon.
House Oversight Committee given a classified briefing on UFO phenomenon and members promise more disclosures to come.

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