Young Teen Survives Murder Attempt After Assailants Felt She Snapchatted Them Too Much

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Published: January 3, 2018

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Deserae was found barely alive in the canal in February. She remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries but was able to be interviewed by a detective about what she remembers from that day. A video shown in court showed the girl was shocked to hear it was her friends who’d allegedly hurt her. The suspect reportedly cried in court as the video was shown.

Cache County Attorney James Swink told FOX that as evidenced by messages on social media, the boys had been plotting to kill Deserae for weeks and that the boy who appeared in court admitted as much during his hearing. He said they’d originally planned to slit her throat because they were fed up with all her Snapchat messaging, but when they couldn’t go through with the first plan, they used the gun they brought instead. They then reportedly took her things and ran, leaving her for dead by the water.

The second boy allegedly admitted to witnessing the shooting but denied planning it. Detectives found the shell casing for the gun allegedly used in his room. “Admissions are always compelling and they are always good evidence,” Swink told the station.

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