Faith & Freedom: Heidi St. John, Spenser Bahr, Dr. Mark Sherwood, & Tresha Rodriguez

1 month ago

In today’s show we have amazing guests Heidi St. John who shares her journey of equipping mothers through ministry and the importance of homeschooling, social media influencer Spenser Bahr raises questions about fear, vibration, and weather modification, Dr. Mark Sherwood discusses healthy eating habits, and why diets fail, while Trisha Rodriguez talks about her transformation from actress to activist and where you can get quality USA grown meat. Plus, I'll reveal my upcoming programs for achieving wellness and health in the new year!

[1:43] Shemane welcomes speaker, author, and podcast host Heidi St. John to share her journey of equipping a generation of mothers to stand in the culture wars through her ministry, Faith that Speaks; Heidi's motivation to start homeschooling her children; the importance of pulling children out of public schools and homeschooling them to avoid indoctrination and provide a proper education
[12:55] Shemane introduces Spenser Bahr to discuss the recent events in Miami, the possibility of fear and vibration being used to control the masses through chemtrails and other means; becoming more aware of weather modification and are no longer buying the government's narrative on the climate crisis; concern about 5G towers being installed
[24:47] Dr. Mark Sherwood, founder of Kingdom Kandy, joins to discuss how to form healthy eating habits in the new year; why most diets don't work; how Shemane achieves and maintains a healthy weight; Dr. Sherwood’s motivation to help people heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually; the dangers of mold and mycotoxins, which can cause brain fog, fatigue, and even death
[36:19] Project Manager of Switch to America Trisha Rodriguez returns to share her journey from actress to activist; the importance of finding one's inner Viking; disgust and skepticism towards lab-grown and 3D printed beef; Berberine for weight loss management; the ongoing crisis at the US-Mexico border; immigration, and the importance of addressing these issues for the sake of future generations
[45:58] Shemane shares about her upcoming programs to help you achieve spiritual wellness & health this year


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