Snow Surfing

ViralHogPublished: January 3, 2018
Published: January 3, 2018

Occurred on December 26, 2017 / Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Info from Licensor: "Snow was coming down, but I needed to get out of the house. We had a sled in the garage. I tried it, but the snow was too deep, and the hill in our yard wasn't steep enough, so I got stuck. Then I tried an old Walmart snowboard, with the same result. Finally, when I put the snowboard away, I saw my skim-board. Its normal use is to throw over a couple inches of water, run, jump, then slide on the beach. However, I figured the snow was slick enough I could use it in the street. So, I took it down from the shelf, went out onto the street and it worked! I was all bundled up originally but after running around for a couple minutes I started to sweat and thought it would be ironic if I did this in beach attire since that is what you usually are wearing when you use a skim board."

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