Marmalade’s Feline Guide To Human Bathroom For Dummies

coleandmarmalade Published January 3, 2018 56,793 Plays

Rumble If you are wondering why cats love bathrooms so much, here is Marmalade's guide to human bathrooms which shows in detail why felines find it attractive.

Footage shows how this feisty cat named Marmalade uses human’s bathroom to do cat stuff. This creative feline found new purpose to the bathroom and uses it as her personal gym. You will be amazed by the wonderful and awesome activities this cat can do inside!

Marmalade guides you through her workout equipment located in the bathroom. This inventive kitten is clearly thinking outside the box and transforms the bathroom into her personal gym.

Little Marmalade finds a toilet paper hanging down from its hanger and engages in fience play, working them glutes and shoulders. When the toilet paper is scattered all over the bathroom floor, the cheeky feline dives deep under it, rolling around and having fun!

Next, Marmalade hops inside the bathtub and goes for a nice spin, chasing its tail and it looks like she is dancing. How cute! We hope that she didn’t get dizzy after her tiresome carousel spin.

Watch as Marmalade tries to reach a towel, while working them glutes through squat jumps. She tries and tries, one jump after another, until she finally succeeds and has the towel down on the floor! What a rascal!

In the next footage, we see this ferocious cat going after an empty toilet paper roll, spinning around in circles, working the cardio magic! How energetic!

The cat is full of energy and goes rope climbing up the bathrobe. Look how determined this cat is to reach the summit. She just loves finding new purpose to bathroom objects.

Find the hilarious moment when Marmalade goes digging a hole inside the sink. It looks like she is practicing on the treadmill machine. Adorable!




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