Crafty Otter Makes DIY Sprinkler For His Private Pool Party

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Published: January 3, 2018

An adorable video has emerged showing the priceless moment captured at the Wellington Zoo featuring one playful otter going against a water pipe. This extremely cute otter loves water and hosts the best pool parties in the zoo.

Watch as this clever little otter uses his own face to make a sprinkler for his private pool party by sticking its face into a water pipe. If you need a DIY sprinkler be sure to visit the Wellington Zoo and take a leaf out of this otter’s book. Who knew that otters can use their adorable little furry faces to make functional sprinklers.

Footage shows the clever little small-clawed otter mastering the technique of making his own DIY sprinkler and enjoys his alone time, going under the shower. Check out this helpful video as otter shows you how to make a home sprinkler system from a pipe pouring into his Wellington Zoo waterhole. This sneaky little otter sure knows how to have fun!

Video, filmed on January 2, shows the amazing moment when this male otter goes against the water pipe and uses his little nose to spray the water everywhere like a gleeful toddler. Maybe he just wants to stop the water from running, or is he trying to take shower? This zoo otter sure knows how to pool party.

However, it seems like other otters don’t enjoy this DIY sprinkler as they immediately retreat the moment host otter starts showing them with water. Poor guy, he will have to enjoy his pool party all alone!

Credit to 'Wellington Zoo'.

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